Take Control of Your Garden

getting rid of gophers - fresh gopher moundOver the years we’ve tried nearly everything to get rid of gophers and other backyard pests.

We’ve had success with a few different methods and products that have allowed us to get our yard under control. This site features straightforward tips and product information to help you succeed with getting rid of gophers.

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Spring is here
We’ve been battling gophers steadily throughout the year. The lack of significant rain in Southern California this Winter has made for hard digging when setting gopher traps.

While we’ll likely see increased gopher activity in the coming months, don’t delay, getting rid of gophers starts now!

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DIY Gopher Control
Effective DIY (do-it-yourself) pocket gopher control will vary based on where you live. Getting rid of gophers will take persistence, and a game plan, but you can do it. I’ve also found that the cooperation of neighbors all working together can also help tremendously!

The past few years have been worse for us than any of the previous 20 years we’ve lived in our house. A few vacant homes in our semi-rural neighborhood have provided unkept yards and a free breeding ground for pocket gophers that eventually network out and make it into our yard.

We’ve chosen to avoid the use of poisons, not wanting to introduce them to a yard where our kids play, and not wanting to inadvertently harm any animals that might dig up a poisoned gopher.

Hire a Pest Control Professional
Not everyone is willing to “get their hands dirty” and take the DIY approach to getting rid of gophers and other backyard pests. When in doubt, hire a professional pest control company or exterminator. Most will offer services to control all types of rodents and insects with regular service programs at intervals to keep you gopher or pest free.