Getting Rid of Gophers with Dry Ice

Looking for a scientific way to get rid of gophers and moles in your yard? Start by searching for a local establishment that sells dry ice. Dry ice is often available at your local grocery store, party supply, or specialty food supplier.

In this method of getting rid of gophers with dry ice, rather than melting like regular ice, dry ice “sublimates” and turns into carbon dioxide gas. This heavy gas will settle into the lower gopher tunnels and nest area slowly displacing the oxygen. Goodnight gophers or moles!

1. Use caution when handling dry ice
Wear a heavy glove or use a thick towel when handling dry ice. At -109˚F, dry ice is cold enough to freeze skin cells and produce a burn-like injury so avoid all direct contact. Do not keep dry ice in small enclosed areas without adequate ventilation. Do not keep dry ice in an airtight container as the sublimating carbon dioxide will expand and the container may explode.

2. Mark gopher holes in the yard
Take time to walk your entire yard using small flags, stakes or sticks to visually mark all the target tunnel openings.

3. Drop in dry ice
Wearing gloves drop, or place pellets or small chunks of dry ice deep into the tunnel openings.

4. Cover the holes
Using bricks or soil, seal off the openings quickly after inserting the dry ice. The object is to keep the carbon dioxide gas from the dry ice in the gopher tunnels.

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